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Office Solutions 

Office Solutions UkraineCompany with 100% foreign capital 12 - year presence in Ukraine, since 1994 in the CIS 700 clients More than 3500 completed projects Office Solutions Group companies: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Belarus.

Office Solutions is the exclusive Steelcase partner in Ukraine.

Steelcase is...

  • # 1 developer and producer of office furniture in the world since 1912
  • Market leader in the global office furniture industry since 1974
  • Innovative product and service solutions delivered on time and with flawless quality
  • 1 500 international patents…
  • ...more than 500 product lines
  • 14 500 employees around the world
  • Manufacturing facilities in 30 locations
  • Dealers in 800+ locations

Office Solutions services:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Carpeting
  • Construction services

Our Values:

Respect.  We respect opinion of the others and involve all stakeholders in decision making process. 

Commitment. We are responsible for our decisions and doings, we can explain them and are always committed to fulfill what we’ve promised.

Pragmatism. We make decisions and build our strategies based on facts and not on assumptions. Taking decisions we soberly consider spent efforts versus received result.

Proactivity.  We encourage people who actively look for answers to existing questions and bear responsibility for implementation of proposed solutions.

Honesty.  We treat others with good faith and honesty.

Search for Excellence. We constantly look for ways to become better than we are now, taking into account the details. All our activities are directed to perfection of what we are doing now.