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ИП Dreamdesign 

An important part of our creative work is a quest of balance. By cutting off the superfluous, we find solutions that are in tune with a particular person and time, striving to hear the voice and the story of a place. Every time this quest happens in a different way, but a new project is always a storyline of an exciting novel – with its own history, locale, unexpected plot twists and characters. People with their dreams and aspirations are the driving force and the soul of our projects. The world of design objects is just like a person: it is important to get to know it, to feel it, to have a dialogue with it or even an affair. That is what we have been doing since 1998 – studying the characters and embodying the dream. No matter whether we create a house, an apartment, a hotel or a yacht – the main thing is to eventually create a unique place with its context, style and mood. An interior is much more than a set of design elements and decorating techniques. It is an entity that lives and changes along with its inhabitants. Our mission is to make sure that its development will be beautiful and natural. So that the house always remains a place of strength and a source of pride, easy to maintain and gaining even more charm and character over the time. So that the most unusual dreams come true.